Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The truth is many people don't eat right because they can't cook. The basic fitness program starts with a good meal.

The truth is a great majority of people do not eat right because they cannot cook. There are some basic simple steps that will allow you to become confident in the kitchen. The basic fitness program starts with a good meal. This video will show you how to separate and cook egg whites.
It is important to be able to cook egg whites and not eat them raw. Sylvester Stallone popularized the idea of eating raw eggs in his movie "Rocky." Attempting this feat may land you a spot on "Fear Factor," but you will eventually develop deficiencies associated with eating raw eggs.
Egg whites are a very cheap and simple protein to prepare. I have lots of fitness athletes who basically live on egg whites as their primary source of protein. A dozen eggs can be very cheap, so please do not tell me that you cannot afford to eat correctly. Remember that egg whites are the best absorbing protein that you can eat; only whey protein is considered as good or better.